How does solar energy work?

Solar energy is a well tested power source that is already getting used around the world regarding numerous commercial, industrial, authorities and domestic applications. It can be powering water pumps throughout African villages, weather channels in the Antarctic as well as satellites in space!

It operates by transforming the energy from the sun into a reusable form of energy, a process known as Photovoltaics (or PV for short). Your own solar panel acts as a accumulating tray, helping you catch the sun’s rays. The higher the panel, the more electricity you can collect. The vitality collected is stored for your future use in an electric battery.

Clean and green, solar is a renewable, environmentally friendly and non-polluting source of energy. It is possible to see the appeal of solar power for domestic use. Reduced maintenance and long lasting, it is just a highly cost-successful and reliable energy provide.

The Surge features an internal battery which your apple iphone draws on when needed. The integrated solar panel bills you the internal battery, provided sufficient light is available. If you’re on the go and unable to plug in, photo voltaic charging is a great way to find some good extra power to make it with the day.


What exactly will the Surge do? Just how does it work?

Your Surge uses a cell to collect sunlight, that it turns into energy. If your iPhone is not fully charged, it transactions the charge to your i phone. When your iPhone has been fully charged (or when it is not inserted), the Surge geneva chamonix transfers the charge to the internal battery. The charge from this reserve electric battery will transfer to the battery pack in your iPhone as necessary.